Creative Writing

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Learning how to write well and write effectively is important for most careers, even outside of the humanities these days--business, science, tech... Creative writing is one of the most common ways to encounter these skills in school or society and it allows youths to tap into their creativity.

The importance of writing stems from the fact that writing is the primary basis upon which communication, history, record keeping, and art is begun. Writing is the frame work of our communication.

More so, Creative Writing is a major tool for driving Social Change in the communities.

  1. To enable kids and youths develop their creative writing for education.
  2. To promote self-esteem, education, skills and abilities through creative writing.
  3. To enable youths use creative writing as a profession and earn a living.
  4. To use creative writing as a tool to promote behavior change.

With your financial support, Nameta Trust will be able to run Creative Writing, one of the programs in the organization. We will be able to organize workshops for our artists, trainers and students who aspire to become great creative writers. More so we will enter youths to one of the main contests in Kenya, The Nameta Creative Writers Contest. Also we will:-

  • Organize events for the youths
  • Increase feasibility for our organization with a prime goal of championing for Social Change.
  • Organize our annual Nameta Festival.
  • Organize exhibitions.
  • Organize educational tours.
  • Run club activities in schools and youth groups.
  • Organize a 5T Project that will emphasize on curriculum for Social Change.