Visual and Media Arts

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It might be equally accurate to refer to the current era as a visual age. Although many digital tools rely on sound and text, most disseminate images—as a result, youths who spend a third of their waking hours in front of a screen are saturated with images. The ubiquity of images in young people’s lives has transformed the way they learn and perceive the world. And their use of images has created a demand for new skills to enable all young people to make sense of the visual world. We know that imagination reaches toward a future, toward what might be, what should be, what is not yet. — Maxine Greene Visual and Media arts is rich in itself, with education, knowledge and beauty. The use of visual & media art in itself can become a powerful tool to fight corruption, social injustice, environment degradation, Inequality and Poverty globally.

Specific Objectives.

  1. To enable kids and youths develop their visual & media arts for education.
  2. To promote self-esteem, education, skills and abilities through visual & media arts.
  3. To enable youths use visual & media arts as a profession and earn a living.
  4. To use visual & media arts as a tool to promote behavior change.

With your financial support, Nameta Trust will be able to run Visual and Media arts program for 2018, one of the programs in the organization. We will be able to organize workshops for our artists, trainers and students who aspire to become great artists in the world. More so we will enter youths to one of the main festivals in Kenya, The Kenya Drama Festivals. Also we will;

  • Organize our annual Nameta Festival.
  • Organize contests and events for the youths.
  • Develop newsletters and yearbooks.
  • Increase feasibility for our organization with a prime goal of championing for Social Change.
  • Educational tours.
  • Organize exhibitions for animation ,bead-work and puppetry projects.
  • Run club activities in schools and youth groups.
  • Organize a 5T Project that will emphasize on curriculum for Social Change.