I believe in equality,Social Justice,an environment free from corruption and pangs of hard economies,not forgetting better climate. With all the expertise guys will practice day in ,day out after possessing University degrees,the world still suffers.We still have something missing.

Poets are still writing and people reading poetry, musicians singing and guys still buying Music, dramatists acting and people watching their programmes or buying their movies, Artists drawing and painting, Creative writers writing varied articles and story tellers still giving their narrations.I THINK this ought to portray some value in content.what do we address?

What value do we give the audience?How about the artists?Do they take in what they give?Is it just fun and that’s all?Can we have content that changes our way of thinking?Yes we can!Addressing challenges of 21st Century!

Indeed in some respects, creative arts has been more eminent than it has ever been in some countries. In others, most children and youths lacking access due to economic hurdles and much attention given to curriculum subjects.

Prof. Gideon takes center stage to drive social change in marginalized areas through increasing access to all these forms of arts;Music,Dance,Poetry, Public speaking,Theatre,Creative writing, drawing, painting, storytelling, visual and media arts. He cares about holistic growth in education of children and youth. Despite the provision of Millennium development Goals on achieving Education for All –EFA, most children and Youth don’t fully access holistic education, more especially Art Education. For instance, only few schools are providing Art Education in Kenya.

His Big Question has always been: Can we use Art and train kids and youth to develop education, talent, career choice, social values, and climate change and solve global challenges of 21st Century? Creative Art is so rich in this. Let’s have fun with life as we handle challenges that we face.

Prof. Gideon Bin Klei graduated as a teacher and has pursued a post Graduate Certificate at Amani Institute, based in Nairobi in Kenya,Bengaluru in India and Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the founder and Director of Nameta Trust. He has been in the education sector for more than fifteen years. More so, he is a leader of Social Change,poet and an Art Instructor. He runs a Tv Show that help different artists showcase their talents as they advocate for social change and development in the communities. He also carries out training & adjudication duties at Kenya Music and Drama Festivals, two of the biggest Festivals in Africa!