It’s all about me to make a change in the world!Whether a child,a youth,a professional,a parent,a religious leader,a farmer and so on.That person is me.You can play numerous roles to make it happen.And I will tell you why!

The world we are living today is faced with countless hurdles that no one can appreciate any of it.The looks of physical environment is wanting,corruption, pangs of hard economies,social injustices,inequality etc.These are the obstacles to great developments!

Supposing we all took parts and said,enough said and undone,we can make a mark of change on planet earth,how would that be?Take a look on people serving humanity,is the serving 100% from their hearts?Is it all about “we are empowering some individuals and giving them support?”Come on,let’s be honest with ourselves and drive change for real!

Arts will change the world more than politics and philosophies,this is why;

  • Its so rich in content if well branded.
  • Connects easily,how many of us have no connection at all?
  • Can be one’s career and enable him earn income.
  • A platform to explore opportunities.

This is why art matters to us you know! We use art to drive social change!
Creative dance is one of the tools we use in our programs to enable our youths explore more opportunities.Use dance to tell the world what needs to change in our communities!
If you believe in arts for Social change and creating opportunities for our youths, join us today and let’s make the world a better place to live in!