Yes,my story never ends and i will tell you why. Until we stamp out Corruption in our communities,the world remains at a risk of economic breakdown,Poverty,Inequality and Conflict.

Corruption is one the many social injustices that has paralyzed the function of the oneness of a people. It all depends on how you define it,Corruption to me is any deceitful and dishonest act that leads to acquisition of service or favor unjustly and denial of the same to an individual who has lawfully earned the point of interest. Corruption is taking place in different ways and forms globally. Ranging from individuals to institutions and companies whether government or private, this social evil has taken roots to a level that renders it unbeatable in the eyes of many people. Corruption is practiced in the work places like offices and in the diverse fields of life. In offices it is mainly propagated by the greed of the service render that in most cases is purported to be the senior and the need of the service seeker who finds himself or herself compelled to give a bribe in order to be given access to something they want. Guys in the office admit this please,,,

It’s because of corruption that many can’t secure jobs easily hence doubling the unemployment rate in informal communities, especially in developing countries.We Deny available opportunities to individuals since we need a favor first from them. Youths continue to learn and adopt this practice at their own level, not avoiding baseless arguments around provision and delivery of services.

Corruption therefore is a dishonest, illegal and improper use of public power and authority contrary to the rights of the citizens. For instance in Kenya, Chapter 6 of the constitution deals with integrity of office bearers and there are other laws that are in place to tackle corruption. E.g.The ethics and anti corruption Commission Act, 2011, which establishes the ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in Kenya.Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, The Kenya Bribery Act 2016,not forgetting international laws that help in stamping out corruption globally.

There is need to make a world a corruption free area where all of us embrace values that matter. Nameta Trust is committed to make this Change! ART is our Weapon! Join Nameta Trust Today as our Ambassador to help us drive Social Change in the Informal Communities. We believe Art is a tool that can be used to address some of the vices that affect in our society Today!

Youths form the better part in driving this,they form the current and future current generation.Through our Support, we shine them by giving them available Opportunities and therefore end up shining the World by creating Social Change!
Let’s do this!!!!
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