Our stories of Social Change unveils through informed Art.Nameta Trust has a curriculum that helps us to develop art through our 5T Projects. The 5T Project simply includes 5 topics that matter to us; Corruption, Equality, Social Justice, Poverty Eradication and Climate Change. It is in view of SOCIAL CHANGE that Nameta trust was founded. To enable Youths access Arts, acquire holistic Education, develop talent and explore possible opportunities in Creative Art and use it to create Global Social Change.

Youths are the future and the better future lies in their hands, failing to nurture their minds at present worsens what bad we expect to see change in the World. They are Creative and gifted differently therefore holistic growth is Vital. Arts supplements Economies and betters living styles to the masses. Better Society and great World requires all of us to be active Participants in its Affairs. We can build both Curriculum and Co-Curriculum experts through our education systems to achieve Millennium development Goals. We believe that Examination is not the only Measure of Competence in Society.

Meet Emmanuel,a beneficiary of Nameta Trust!

A form 4 student in Pumwani High School.A poet,performer and entertainer in the art industry.He is a champion in Kenya Music Festivals for the last 6 years.This has been evident through his prowess in writing poetry,developing public speaking and News on competitive basis.

Besides poetry,Emmanuel is a great writer.He writes articles on social change.Some of his themes includes emerging trends and issues.For instance his current article article on Why we need to stamp out corruption in Kenya and other developing countries was one on its own.

Emmanuel with kaka Kelvin Okello At KUTv (Kenyatta University Channel) ,discussing on Art for Social Change.