Equality is a huge topic that everyone,if not you,would want to explore!It cuts across from availing and accessing resources,gender sensitiveness,service delivery just to name a few.

Katua, a grade 6 student at Gatoto School Nairobi Kenya seems to know all about this! Recently Nameta Trust held a drawing Contest based on theme: equality. This contest attracted more than eighty students from grade 4 to 8 across the school.

Instructions were clearly given on what to do just before the contest. Katua having grown with this story,he emerged top by beating his classmates and his seniors in interpreting the theme.The Power of his pencil was evident.He had amazing drawing skills beside theme interpretation.

The relationship between developing careers and securing jobs in Kenya is enormous nightmare.Katua compares this by proving that some people initiate small businesses that fail to work in the informal communities.The gap between those who succeed and fail was evident in his drawing.

We come in to challenge lovers of Change and Development about this!What role do we play to bridge gaps of inequality? Nameta Trust continues to ask this question.We believe in inspiring Change so as to save current and the next generation!!