The world is a large globe that no one can tell its function but everyone can always tell its development. It’s a thing that comes with a critical thinking that not only a little people can think.

It has been a long time ever since many people have gotten independence in their countries because of so many struggles many countries have developed.

It’s with much attention that only small country have developed their economy.

Our country has been among the third word counties in terms of development even after the struggle for our heroes did to get us free all this that’s within ourselves as Kenyans. What really hurts mostly is not that we are free people we are still the same who were not independent.

All this things start from us and our political leaders us Kenyans and other people outside.

Kenyans who come to invent our own things starting with the political leaders they do all this to satisfy themselves rather than saving their own people from the problems that surround them. With much attention corruption has become the most effective thing that brings our country backwards.

If our leaders are involved in this then the Kenyans will follow the ways of the leaders therefore this leads to things that bring our nation backwards. We Kenyans always do what is wrong in order to satisfy our own self .All this come when our government does not put strict rules over its people.

Mostly all the people have forgotten their qualities as citizens thereby doing anything to earn a living which brings about insecurity, lawlessness and many other things therefore we still continue being the same  Kenyans in 1960.

How can a visitor enter into your home and you allow him/ her to control you?

This is what is happening to Kenyans when the Europeans came to our country and ruled us taking all our possession and controlling us. This takes our country to under development. This is a story that can’t be explained of how it comes.

All this I can’t understand of how we say we are developed when we borrow money from the outside banks. Actually this is not a to be looked at its something to be actioned for we have land, beautiful  sceneries, lakes and all those tourist attraction but the big question is where does the money go into big people pockets  or I we told it helps the needy people in Kenya or what.

How can each day and every month our political leaders go to big conferences or to study the way the other nations do for development. I don’t think it’s the case it’s just a way to spend our money having leisure it’s a shameful thing to a leader.

Insecurity, corruption this are the major things finishing our country cause most places in Kenya lack security due to corruption among the police and among others. Finding our politicians or leaders causing a drama in certain places while the police are watching even without speaking what a shame to our country.

Instead of us Kenyans watching ourselves we tend to watch other nation’s development. Like here in Kenya you find people buying products from other countries and this leads to under development of our industries. Most of the goods we always do sell in other nations we sell at a lower price but other nations sell their goods at a higher price making huge profits.

Secure what is insecure, corrupt what is corrupted and you will be able to develop what is under developed and control what is uncontrollable.

Kenya can do too much if it wants we have got a lot to earn than what we lose but our leaders tend to benefit themselves. Change Kenya to be a presentable country in the world especially in North East land is such a pity to those people when they live in a place where no water, security and food and death is the expectations. In pain moments of their wind while the leaders waste their money going to trips that do not benefit.

I wonder how the Chinese came and started drilling oil but the people of that region could not accept it that’s what we really say its independence. We should never look forward at other nations while leaving ours behind. Let’s change Kenya especially in economy. It’s such a pity when we see Europeans coming and controlling our companies. Just look at the Kenyan companies, the Europeans are the CEOs while fellow Kenyans are like slave workers, no one can work without a servant. They better watch out because now we have started understanding the secret of the world.

We as Kenyans vote for leaders of tomorrow who will serve as in good care. All this are words from our leaders during the election time and period. All the leaders in the parliament have been chosen by us Kenyans in order for them to take care of our needs as a country, country, and warder region.

One thing truly doubling my mind of how our leaders are always paid.

“THE SITTING ALLOWANCE” This is really undoubted thing because if we choose them to serve us why should they be paid when going to get the piece of advice of leadership.

But it was said people down stairs are really far from those upstairs we are normally Kenyans instead of being served we are being used. Each and every step that Kenya is moving is always contained by corruption and now it has gone to an extend of making the nation not to develop itself. Which development has happened to Kenyans is it the buying of big cars for the leaders and building houses that they change like clothes, which other change has happened.

Since we got independence we have become more slaves than even before. What really hurts me a lot is when I listen to people saying that we have developed and independent country and that we should be proud of. I think that is total blindness.

The essential question is how can we end this and grow to become a developed country?

(Invented by J.K.M)

An Article done; John,Form one Student-ACK Mukangasya High School.

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