What happens when youths access Art in informal communities? The opportunities are countless. They get reinforcement of what they are learning in schools or colleges. Arts adds value to their education!Education in the arts is also rich in changing mindset of the audience! Its this education that we use influence change in society .

They build on their art career!Yes,developing art as a career starts here! They earn income that can sustain their lives, branding arts is an hidden treasure!

We are sure of building our society ,country, world together. An element of collective responsibility is real here! The journey of creating a better world begins early and this enables us to invest in the current generation to save on the future!

Youths are change agents! They bring fun through entertainment. Educate the public on issues that matter to all of us! We learn how to curb corruption,better our environment,speak about our rights, grow our economy and deviate from social injustices that are rampant in these communities!

Youths are the future of our next generations!They too have a role to change the world for the betterment of their lives and everyone of us! By supporting youths, we open for them opportunities!We raise their voices!

Why should youths engage in crime? Robbery, Prostitution, drop out of school because of poverty, drugs or poor parenting?Why should politicians use and abuse them during elections? Why should “employers” give them jobs and pay them peanuts? Why should should we ignore their plight and punish them? Why?

There is negligence if not assumption about all this. Why should all this happen in a world that we all care for? As we talk about development, its vital to put interests of our youths in place! Making a change is all about collective responsibility! We need contribution of each one of us!

In Nameta Trust we do not accept this! We believe that talented youths should find value through arts! They are noble and beneficial to the world we are living! They have a role to play in transforming our communities! Equality is our target here! To bridge the gap between the rich and poor.Eradicate poverty, conserve our environment and fight social injustices!

We provide opportunities to them through arts in our six programmes!! Mentor youths,enable them to access art and shine, package it with the right content and use it to change the world! Join us in this drive to make it happen! We ought to make a world a better place to live in through arts!