What can Music offer to the Current generation?Is it just entertainment or its the beat,pomp and color?What do you look for in a piece of Music?Its arrangement,tune and melody or the power of its lyrics?So many questions here! Many of us here,if not few might debate about what music is made of.Of course yes if you have been in this genre for sometime.There lies an hidden gold in a piece of Music.The power of lyrics!

Music is meant to inspire,educate,sooth,entertain and just like any other piece of art, earn a living. How many of us then will look for all this in a piece of Music? Take for instance the world current situation,how many youths and Musicians in that case,use this power of art to drive social change?I leave it up to you to do the statistics. HotBox Music Crew ran a one day Music workshop in Mukuru, Nairobi.One of the informal communities in Kenya!

It was about youth inspiring other youths to greater heights in the field of arts.It was evident from the looks and courage that Music can be used as tool to change the world.Mwas,one of the facilitators made it clear by sharing his personal journey by saying and I quote, ” The only driving force in you is admitting who you are,finding value in you ,using that value to drive change in you and then changing the world in the end!”

Developing countries undergo severe pains of under development due to Corruption,social injustices, inequality,poverty and poor environment conservation. Why then should we remain mute over this when singing or developing any piece if art?We can use Music to change the mindset of our people .

Change is inevitable at all costs.Let’s use our art then to influence Change in the world.

Nameta Trust is in the front line to drive change in the informal communities through art.Its about creating opportunities for the youths through art as well.With this therefore we are assured of shining our youths and giving them an opportunity to shine the world.

If you believe on what we are doing, join us and give your support!Thanks you HotBox Music Crew for being vibrant change makers in the informal settlements,we acknowledge your endless effort and support in our organization.