Just how often ones needs justice is a question many of us will always ask. Are you a victim of Injustice? If YES, then you have a clue on what social justice is. In case your answer is NO, then your neighbor should count on this.

Social Justice is a huge topic in the world we are living today. And I will tell you why: Social injustices are committed in the homes, the market places, offices, departments, institutions and companies/industries.

In the endeavor of Nameta trust to help curb and even eradicate the prevailing social challenges that are haunting the people of Kenya, the world at large and crippling both individual land national development, the following are suggestions on approaches that can enable the fight against social in justices to remain valid and fruit bearing.

Creating awareness among the people and emphasis on the need to be educated on the problems associated with corruption and bribery. For this to be effective mass education has to be conducted within the public domain in institutions organizations through the scope of media.

Training the youth and school going persons on equality its advantages and potential to create social change in the society. The youth and people at large have misconceptions about equality. To impact a change on this mind-set a comprehensive informative program should be availed to the youth to create awareness on the need to uphold equality.

There is a need to publicize the dangers of environmental pollution by factories and other industries that contribute to pollution more so of the atmosphere through the poisonous gaseous and liquid emissions. Climate change can be addressed through the media as well as through a practical artistic approach which involves use of art to educate and propagate the essence of environmental conservation.

Education is light. Through education of the people in schools and higher learning institutions the nation can develop individuals who are learned hence able to combat all forms of social injustice.

It is justice when there is,

  • Fair distribution of wealth.
  • Opportunities and privileges are given equally to individuals and organization within a society.
  • No discrimination whatsoever.
  • Mechanisms are put in place to eradicate poverty especially in informal communities and in developing countries globally.
  • Fair application of law in judicial systems.
  • Proper leadership that demonstrates integrity and upholding of available laws.

The Constitution of Kenya accords equal rights and freedom from discrimination. This is the main basis and foundation for social justice.

In Nameta Trust,we use Art to Champion for Social Change.If you believe Social Justice,come on board and join us.Lets Move the art agenda to the next level.

One of our Incubated Artists,and Ambassador the Ink Painter will be talking about this broad topic on Monday 5th February,2018 at KUTv in the Rise Today Morning Show.Join the conversation now.